Frequently Asked Questions

Questions below have been asked by our users. We hope they answer your questions, if not, send us your question.

About Unbloc.Link

How does our proxy work?

Our proxy is called a High Anonymity Proxy also known as an Elite Proxy. Unbloc.Link being an Elite Proxy provides maximum anonymity and security to its users as our proxy doesn't identify itself as a proxy or reveal the original IP address of the client computer. In many cases, users have to pay for this type of proxy as it is rarely available for free on the Internet. But, we provide this service free of charge because we value our users!

Can I download files through the proxy?

Yes, you can download as much as you would like securely, fast, and free using our proxy. You can now also download any YouTube video directly from YouTube.com by clicking the download icon located right next to the play and pause buttons.

How does video streaming work?

When you visit a video site such as YouTube and other video streaming sites our server automatically speeds up your video stream so you can enjoy unlimited streaming of videos with a fast speed using our patented data compression algorithm that improves video load speed up to 80% faster!

Is our proxy slow?

No, our proxy is not slow and our proxy is one of fastest free web proxies you can find. As most proxies tend to implement data deprioritization after a certain use of data, but we don't! Speed loss may only occur from latency if your traffic has to travel further from your computer to our proxy, from our proxy to the website, then back again.

How secure is our proxy?

Our proxy encrypts all connections with TLS 1.2 encryption a strong network encryption protocol to make sure that your internet session is completely anonymous and protected. This means that you'll be able to gain access to websites blocked in your country or just browse the internet anonymously. The way this whole protocol works is: Your browser issues a connect request to our proxy, which passes on the request. The server returns the encrypted response which is forwarded to your machine. While our proxy does act as a relay for the request, it is unable to read the encrypted information.


Is our proxy anonymous?

When you use our proxy we protect your online privacy by hiding your real IP address and replacing it with a fake one. Your IP address is your virtual address on the internet. You wouldn't give out your physical address so why share your virtual one? With our no log secure policy, you can rest assured that your real IP address will never be logged or sent out anywhere. Our proxy Unbloc.Link doesn't log any kind of user traffic.

Do you restrict the content that can be used with the proxy?

We do not restrict any websites, however, you are required to comply with the laws and regulations that apply to your location of the computer you are accessing.

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